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SOMA Mod - Only Haven

Environment Art

Rosslyn Level

Rosslyn Greenhouse Screenshot

"Only Haven" is a WIP narrative-based game made using the HPL3 SOMA engine. The coast level features a combination of natural and architectural modeling, including a chapel exterior, ornate interior, and castle ruins with rugged rock textures and detailed bump/normal mapping

(All modeling is original work)

Other Screens

Rosslyn Level Screenshot Rosslyn Crypt Screenshot


Player Death

Upon death, the player sees fleeting visions of Kate's memories flashing before her eyes
All drawings, models, and animations are original work

Death Sequence Cinematic Renders

Scene Renders

Death Sequence Final Composite

Final Composite

Hackathon Winner - Tai Chi VR

Grand prize winner of Creating Reality Hack 2018 in Los Angeles, Tai Chi VR is a project that I worked with 2 others to create in 48 hours.

  • Created dynamic FMOD sound design, environment skybox, PBR-textured arena floor, and particle effects
  • Worked with an animator and programmer to add controllable animations

Film and Animation Work

KINETIC (2017) - An Experimental Short

Takeoff - An experimental short filmed in Nov 2014 which was awarded the CU Grillo Award for outstanding student films and published in the CU Honors Journal